Simple Changes You Can Make to Eat to Burn Fat

Stuck in a weight loss plateau or tired of yo-yo dieting? Download your free copy of my top tips how you can start eating to burn fat.

Hey Ya'll!  I'm Sam! I'm an RN, Weight Loss Coach and Certified Personal Trainer for women like you who has tried it all.  

You’ve been down the road of cabbage soup diets, counting points and following plans with crazy rules that were hard to stick with.  And you're tired!  AmmIRight?  

I’ve been there and I totally understand!  

I'm also a colon cancer survivor, coffee drinker and hot flasher and I don't have time for trendy fads! 

I’m on a mission to fight the obesity crisis and make healthy living a do-able, realistic priority for you, too.

I am passionate about starting you on your own journey back to health - one that is realistic and actually doable - so you can regain that lost confidence and enjoy the life you were meant to live.

I’m here to tell you that living a healthy, balanced lifestyle without all the gimmicky, crazy, unrealistic expectations is absolutely possible.

I’m living proof of it.

And you can do it, too.

I have battled my weight for years and was hesitant to try AGAIN. But due to health reasons, I knew I needed to do something. God knew too as He had my path to cross with Samantha!! After an encouraging conversation with her, I began the life changing program with TLS. I combined protein and nutritional drink mixes, with eating healthy, fresh foods, and noticed a tremendous difference within myself. I actually feel good; I am no longer tired or sluggish. The inches and pounds are decreasing in the process.
John Doe UI/UX Designer

Thanks to Samantha this was the jump start I needed for getting my life back on a healthy track. I am enjoying the natural sweetness in fruit and the taste of vegetables without adding sugars, artificial sweeteners, and butter. My whole body feels better now that I am concentrating on eating healthier foods and cutting out diet sodas, sugar, artificial sweeteners and drinking more water.
John Doe UI/UX Designer


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