As I sit and think of the enormity of this post, I’m not quite as distraught as I thought I would be.  Yes, I’m sad and I’m disappointed and if I’m being totally honest, I’m trying not to feel like a complete failure or that I’m failing you.

But I think it’s time I step away.  Is this an all out goodbye?  Maybe.  Maybe not.  I haven’t thought that far ahead yet. I’ve been at this computer and the voice behind The More I Run then TeamSam Fitness since January, 2010. Long before that, beginning 2005 (I think), I started blogging for my photography business. And most likely the reason I’m not as upset as I thought I’d be is because I’m tired.  Aside from the fact that I know my family is tired of talking to the top of my head as I sit, staring at this computer screen, that’s the only simple answer I have for you.  I’m really, really tired.

I’ve been a weight loss coach and personal trainer for 5 years now and couldn’t imagine not doing what I do.  I’ve successfully coached hundreds of women (all in person) and being a part of their success stories and transformations is addicting.  Now….having said that, I’ve been trying to grow that same business online for about 2 years now and it’s just not the same.  This attempt to establish an online presence has almost burned me out on doing what I love to do.  I miss people.  I miss the engagement and I miss the in-person relationships.

I could go on a bit more feeling sorry for myself or how I feel like I’m no longer making a positive difference or changing the world like I once hoped, but it’s time for me to step back and re-evaluate my place.  It seems that most of my adult life I’ve been trying to find my place.  And in the search of that I’m reminded that I’m just where I’m supposed to be.  And while my family’s support (and patience) has been my foundation, it’s time I stop looking ahead to what I don’t have and start focusing on what I do have–what’s sitting right in front of me and the difference I can make there.

While there are also millions of people who live in the blogging world, being a blogger is a lonely position to sit.  It can be a time-sucking hobby without any reward.  And don’t get me wrong, I love teaching and sharing information, but without regular engagement, too many times I feel like I’m talking to myself.

Part of me is at peace while the other part of me continues to think, “if only I had done this or that”. Part of me is saddened bc I used to love blogging so much.  I LOVE teaching and can’t imaging not sharing the knowledge I have that could genuinely help others.  But maybe it’s time for me to refocus those lessons elsewhere, I’m just not sure anymore.  What scares me the most is making the wrong decision, but I also have to be mindful of my all or nothing mentality.  I reminding myself that it doesn’t have to be all or nothing.

I also hope this doesn’t discourage you from pursuing your own dreams.  I love being an entrepreneur, but I’m also going to take my own advice that I’ve given hundreds of times, “one definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, but expecting the same results”. That’s the part I feel at peace about.  Change is scary, but prayerfully and hopefully, taking that scary step will open other, wider doors that I should have trod a long time ago.  😉 <3

Thank you to the loyal readers who have been with me from the start.  You’ll never know how much I appreciate you and the time you’ve taken to read my articles, comment or share your story with me. You have kept me going this far and the reason I do what I do.

All of the articles (over 500 of them lol) will remain available, including any of the free resources I have shared over the years.  My weight loss guide, Weight Loss for Women Over 40 will also remain available for purchase where I share methods and the exact strategies I’ve been using to help my clients lose that weight and fat they’ve never been able to lose before – all without sacrificing or feeling like crap while they’re doing it.  This is also the simplest way of eating I know and what I live by (and it’s nothing fancy or really no secret at all).

My weight loss and healthy living philosophies will always remain the same:  keep it simple, move more, use what you have to reach your fitness goals, do the best you can with what you have, eat real food, stop following ridiculous and unrealistic rules, don’t live by a food label and say no to dieting.

Blessings to you all.
Coach Sam

2 college graduations in one weekend! I couldn’t be any prouder of them than I am right now. My cup runneth over.



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