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Weight Loss

Why Diets Don’t Work

Why Diets Don't Work

Typically, most diets are short term, fad-following and too many times unhealthy ways to lose weight. And what happens “after the diet”? What are you supposed to do then? Unfortunately, the weight usually returns and we feel worse than when we started the diet. Learn why dieting just simply does not work. Stop the love affair, break up with your unhealthy food habits and take control of your life! It’s about your health, not your weight. It’s about your life, not your latest diet plan. Read more…

3 Mistakes That Are Keeping You From Losing Weight

3 mistakes that are keeping you from losing weight

Are you tired of trying to eat right but you’re still not seeing the results you’re looking for? This is a familiar complaint that I hear from many of my weight loss and personal training clients. They claim to “eat pretty good” (which many are by today’s dieting standards) and exercise several times a week. […] Read more…

How to Create Healthy Habits That Will Last a Lifetime

How to Create Healthy Habits that will last a lifetime.

Living healthy can be easier said than done.  With literally millions of trendy diet gurus trying to make their way into your kitchen and with all the free advice sales pitches filling up your social media feeds, it can be so dang confusing and overwhelming knowing what you should do! But notice, I said living healthy […] Read more…