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Creating Healthy Habits

Think about your habits right now. Good and bad. Healthy and unhealthy. What positive habits are you most proud of? What negative habits would you like to change? What unhealthy habits could still be holding you back from reaching optimal health?
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Getting Started with Exercise

Getting Started with Exercise

Did you know that exercise is the most potent yet underutilized form of stress/depression/anxiety” medicine? It releases those “feel good” endorphins and can instantly improve your mood! But if you’re a beginner, knowing how to where to even begin is hard enough, then keeping the focus and motivation to keep going can sometimes be even harder. Here are my top tips to help you get started with exercise to successfully help you reach your fitness goals. Read more…

10 Habits of Healthy People

10 Daily Habits of Healthy People by TeamSam Fitness

In my last few years of semi being a part of the fitness world, I’ve noticed several things in common amongst those fit and healthy people. With the biggest noticeable characteristic is their consistency. This is where the life lasting comes in…they aren’t just trying to be healthy for a one time event or New Year’s Resolution, but rather more for themselves and their own well-being….and they do it every day. It just seems to come natural. Living healthy can become a reality for you too with just a few simple changes you can start making today! Read more…

Are You Maximizing Your Fat Burning Potential?


Are you tired of trying to eat right but you’re still not seeing the results you’re looking for? This is a familiar complaint that I hear from many of my weight loss and personal training clients. They claim to “eat pretty good” (which most are by today’s dieting standards) and exercise several times a week. But…here’s the clicker. What I’m finding is when we dig a bit deeper into what they are actually doing, I’m finding two mistakes in common between those women. Read more…