w e i g h t   loss
for women over 40
Drop a pants size, skyrocket your energy, start feeling better!

Women over 40, it's time to finally bridge the gap between nutrition & fitness.

Weight Loss for Women Over 40

This course is for you if:

You've been off the weight loss wagon for a while and you're ready to hop back on.

You're finding it harder and harder to lose weight.

You need some serious support to get you going and to keep you there.

You're tired of trying to 'eat right' and exercise but nothing is working.

Let's face it.  Our bodies are not the same as they were when we were 20.  We could eat burgers by the pounds, stay up late, sleep 'til noon and keep the stash of Snicker's bars within an arm's reach and still only weigh 100 pounds (soaking wet).  Oh, but now.....nowww if we even think about a Snicker's bar, it's almost like an extra 10 pounds appears instantly.

And Lord knows it's not because you've not tried to eat right.  You've tried every cabbage soup, low carb, no carb, high fat, low fat and the I'm-not-gonna-eat-for-a-week diet, but you still can't lose the weight.

You've counted so many points and calories, you know by memory how many points a McDonald's ice cream cone has. And exercise?  Oh, please, you're practically married to the elliptical machine and spend more time with it than you do your spouse?  AmmIRight?

So whatʼs the answer? Should you just throw in the towel and accept that youʼre just meant to be fat?

Do you believe thereʼs no point in trying anything else, because youʼve tried it all?

Youʼre not alone.

Hundreds, even thousands, of women feel just like you do... but it doesnʼt have to be this way.

No. You donʼt have to just accept being overweight. No. You donʼt have to be out of shape.

No, You donʼt have to be on so many medications that you need a calendar and an oversized pillbox to keep track of them all.

You're ready for more than a quick fix.

Iʼve coached hundreds of women just like you. And every single one of them was surprised — and delighted — to discover that itʼs easier than you think to lose the weight, get in shape, and feel AMAZING.

You just have to know the TRUTH. And the truth is that there are far too many unscrupulous people trying to take your money and sell you a gimmicky, money-making quick-fix diet — which is not at all what you need.

The quick fix doesnʼt work, because the quick fix doesnʼt exist.

You know this in your heart, because youʼve seen the pounds drop — and then come back with a vengeance.

Youʼve walked around hungry and unsatisfied.
Youʼve stared at a closet full of clothes that make you miserable. That ends NOW.

Weight Loss for Women Over 40 is NOT a quick fix, but it IS the key to burning fat, increasing energy, and finally losing that weight you've had such a hard time losing.

Weight Loss for Women Over 40 doesnʼt have gimmicks, points, strict rules, or food lists. Because you canʼt live by a food list for the rest of your life can you?

If youʼre tired of counting calories, starving yourself, and you canʼt face another dry salad, Weight Loss for Women Over 40 is for you.

If you're ready to feel better, break through that weight loss plateau and bridge the gap between knowing what to eat and knowing how to exercise, this course is for you.

It's going to rock your fancy!  

"I'm so pleased with my progress!  I'm on my way to reaching my weight loss goals....I'm stronger, healthier and on a much better path than I could have been on my own.  Sam - your REAL, no nonsense advice is what keeps me going in the right direction.  This is all about change, regrouping and learning to live differently - not just for a few weeks, but for good!  Thanks so much for your continued support and encouragement."  ~ Pat

"I've lost 8 pounds and almost 8 inches and I've created healthier habits!" ~ Val

Lose Fat Build Muscle
Wanna lose the muffin top and bat wings?

Eat for Energy
No more starving and feeling like crap!

Meal Plan Like a Champ
Well, more like a crazy, stressed mom.




Included In Your Book

A FAT BURNING COMPREHENSIVE FOOD GUIDE  This plan is STUFFED with real food your entire family can eat. Learn these 5 simple principles, and youʼll be able to eat anywhere: on vacation, that amazing restaurant, or a fancy-schmancy party!

SAMPLE MENU PLAN  Take the guesswork out of wondering what you'll eat and stop stressing over what to cook.  

RECIPES  With simple ingredients you can find at your local grocery store.

MEAL PLANNING 101  Learn how to avoid those tempting drive through windows because you're starving and there's nothing ready at home.  And it won't require hours in the kitchen!

4 WEEKS OF FAT BURNING WORKOUTS FOR BEGINNERS (with video demos included) Quick, effective workouts you can do at home with little to no equipment needed.  No more hours in the gym.  
(30 minutes and you're done).  

FAT BURNING PROTEIN SHAKE RECIPES Great for a quick breakfast or quick snack for on the go.  (Because not everyone likes eggs or you're rushing to get out the door).

A DAILY FOOD TRACKER  A simple tracker to help you keep record of what you're eating and your exercise.  Studies how that people who keep track increase their success rate by as much as 50%.  No, you won't have to keep track, like forever, just until you get the hang of it and yep it'll become second nature to you. ;)

"This is the best program!  I haven't felt hungry or starved!  I can't get over the success I've already had!  I was to the point I didn't think I could ever lose weight because of my age."  ~Lynn

Meet Sam

Sam is the owner and blogger of TeamSam Fitness, a healthy living blog for women over 40.  It was after having colon cancer at age 29 that led her into her own journey to better health and soon after turning 40 becoming certified as a personal trainer and weight loss coach so she could lead other women her age to a life of better health.

Her mission is simple:  To help and provide women who are shackled by their weight and poor health with a place to start and the tools they need to feel better and have more energy and finally feel good in their own skin again.

As a result, the women she works with:
*become healthier
*feel better
*fit back in those clothes they've been saving in the back of the closet
*become more active and able to do things they're missing out on now

When I first starting exercising and trying to get healthy (not until I was 41), I did what everyone else was doing to learn more and that was....go to the internet. I began reading blogs and websites on everything I could find on the subject. But the problem was the only sites I could find were more specific to the younger, college-aged, 20-something year old generation. It was difficult finding information specific to me--a 40 something year old. While I did find many professional websites on aging, I didn’t find too much actually written by those older women who had and were living through the experience each day.

Now don’t get me wrong, I have nothing against those younger gals at all. I've learned so much and am genuinely inspired by them, but I needed more. I needed someone my age to relate to. Hence the reason I’ve seen my own blog evolve over the past few years and the reason I’m sharing what I've learned with you now. I can't wait to meet you!  Coach Sam                               

You haven't failed at dieting, the diets have failed You.

​"I lost 17 pounds.  I feel fabulous and happened to have blood work done yesterday.  My numbers were fabulous!  Thank you!  This is do-able for me and it's really changed my thinking about so many things."  ~ L


Are you ready to Change Your Life?

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. "What if I'm not over 40, does this plan still apply to me?"  
    Absolutely!  The sooner you can start your path to healthy living at a younger age, the better.  I only wish I had.  
  2. "Will I starve?" 
    No! It's just the opposite! This guide teaches you to eat several times throughout the day to fuel your body, increase your energy and boost your metabolism.  You'll learn it's not about eating less, but eating better!
  3. "Will I know what to eat? 
    Yes! There is an approved food list included along with a sample, recipes and other tips to take the guess work out of your week and what you're supposed to do."
  4. "How is this program different than so many other "diets" I've tried?"  
    Weight Loss for Women Over 40 is unlike any "diet" or program you've ever done where the focus is on eating real, wholesome, nutrient-dense foods.  It focuses more on fat loss instead of weight loss, all while losing inches and maintaining lean muscle, balancing your blood sugar and hormones from years of yo-yo dieting.  It's a comprehensible educational program designed to fit you and your lifestyle.   
  5. "Are supplements required?"  
    No!  Because this is a whole foods-based program, no supplements are required.  However, I do offer my personal supplement recommendations that will complement the meal plans and help you reach your goals.
  6. What if I've never exercised before?"  
    These workouts are tailored for beginners, but don't be alarmed if you have trouble completing them on the first day. The goal is to push yourself (to get stronger and burn fat), but still be able to progress yourself at your own pace and still see results.

Transition Your Body From Fat Storing to Fat Burning

"I feel good!  I'm off my cholesterol and reflux meds!  I've enjoyed learning how to eat right, losing weight and how food affects my body!"  ~ Terri 

"I've lost 49 pounds and I truly feel better than I have in a long time.  I'm eating all the time and making wise choices along with exercise that I've found quickly can be addictive because I am in love with how it is making me feel!"  ~ C.

Where getting healthy is the goal and losing weight is a side effect.

I'm here to tell you that living a healthy, balanced life - in your older life - without all the gimmicky, crazy, unrealistic expectation is absolutely possible.

I'm living proof of it.​