Another great question regarding this week’s lesson…(thanks, John).

John asked, “When shooting in manual mode, how do you know where to start?”

Look at your subject, look at the light.

Look at your subject and set your aperture according to the light. Remember when we talked in a previous lesson on aperture?  Your aperture controls the exposure or how much light reaches your subject, so the first thing you’ll do is set your aperture in relation to how much light you need.

Simply, dial your aperture up or down according to the light.

Once that is set, adjust your SS dial also dependent on your light needs.  Do you need a faster SS or is it okay if it’s a little slower?

If light is not an issue, but your priority is your SS, then set your SS first before adjusting your aperture.

Remember, it’s all about balance and compensation…all according to your light needs.

Also remember, this is not a quickie lesson to learn.  This is more for the advanced readers, but you can get there.

Keep practicing, keep reading the previous lessons, and keep shooting!

I’m so proud of you all!

And just because a post is better with a picture……

Rachel’s Bridal Portraits taken at the beautiful Stewartfield, on the campus of Springhill College.

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