My prayer/journal entry from November 23, 1999.

I am so blessed.  I am amazed really at just how much You do love me.  You show me everyday.  Please, please forgive me for being so ungrateful and so unworthy and undeserving of You.  Help me to “take captive” these thoughts and “renew” them with You and Your thoughts.

I am thankful (these 2 days before Thanksgiving) for:

I am alive.

I am healthy.

I am healed.

Being alive to celebrate my wonderful wonderful husband and his love.

Shelby comes and sits beside me and calls me “Mommy”.

Joseph hugs me (without being asked and for no reason) and calls me “Mommy”.

Shelby’s smile.

Joseph wanting me to lie down with him each night and that he hugs me tight, not wanting to let me go.

Clark is stronger and more faithful than me.

Clark has easy days with his job and can spend alot more time with us than some other Dads can.

Mrs. Karen teaches Joseph Kindergarten.

Joseph likes school.

Joseph really listens well and learns from the Bible and from us.

You, oh Lord have provided in anything, anytime we have a need.

We have grandparents and relatives so close we can rely on.

I have great in-laws.

We have a wonderful church family.

I’m learning so much about photography and how You are blessing my business.

You always seem to have an idea for me and a craft in Children’s Church.

Clark loves me and is good to me.

My brother truly loves the Lord and I have been blessed by him.

Mama will drop anything for me if I need her to.

Mom offers of help even when I don’t ask.



For all of my friends!

Answered prayer.

What are you thankful for?  I’d love to know!  🙂

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