Our topic in church this week was truly remembering the Reason for the Season.  Yes, it’s cliche and we’ve probably all heard it spoken or even it said it so much, we really don’t even hear that phrase anymore.  With all the texting, email and electronic communication, it’s easier to shorten the word Christmas to XMas.  This is another example of how we are leaving CHRIST out of Christmas.  I know most of the time, we don’t mean anything negative when we say Merry XMas, but I do believe that simple change in the word opens us up to more areas where we may start forgetting that the true Reason for the Season is to celebrate Jesus Christ’s Birthday and the sacrifice he eventually made for us.

One area we focused on in church today was howHow do we slow down?  How to we take the time to reflect and appreciate Christ’s gift to us?  Even when we are intentional about physically taking a moment to pray, meditate, read Scripture or listen to music, our mind still continues to spin so rapidly out of control.

I’m the first to admit that it’s hard to turn my brain off.  Even with the special Christmas and Lord’s Supper Service that literally lasted less than an hour, I found myself constantly pulling myself back to the room…back to where we were during the service.  And that’s just it: the music was beautiful, experiencing the Lord’s Supper was humbling and I really, really enjoyed it, but even still, my brain kept taking me elsewhere.

Then during the Sunday School lesson as we talked about staying focused, my mind was not 100% focused.

Here is a sampling of my thoughts during that hour of Sunday School.  The italics reflects when my mind was actually participating in the class.

I totally agree.  How do we stay focused.  I’m glad it’s not just me.

That’s a really cute basket she has; I wonder what color I would monogram it?

I should blog about this.

What would I blog.

I also enjoyed the service.

I wonder if anyone else heard that person poot?

“But Mary was treasuring up all these things in her heart and meditating on them.”

Treasure.  That’s what Beth Moore talked about.

I should make a list of my distractions.

No! I can’t sit here during class and make a list of my distractions!

How do we stay excited about Christmas?

We don’t have a true appreciation of who Christ is.

I wonder how many Christmas cards we’ll get this year.

I love seeing everyone’s picture.

Why didn’t I take our Christmas picture?  Again.

I could have done a collage from the year’s event.

I could have used Nana’s graduation, Shelby getting her braces off…

Mary understood her position.

The word understand.  This is exactly what Beth Moore spoke about.

Mary understood who her Son was and his plan.

The world has forgotten that Christmas is because of Christ.

I need to go to Walmart.

Why don’t we share Christ more?

People need to know.

We need to be excited about Christmas!

So there you go, my internet friends.  Pa-lease tell me I’m not alone here.  I think that’s why I was anxious to blog about it, because I can’t be the only person who’s mind wanders more often than it is focused.

Make me feel better People!

I’d really like to hear you thoughts.

I nee-eed to hear your thoughts.

How do you stay excited at Christmas?

How do you turn off your brain from the distractions of life?

Do you have any specifics that force you to reflect on the Reason for the Season?

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