As oddly as it sounds, I always forget to take pictures on Christmas morning.  Yes, you read that right.  Me, Yours Truly, Pro Photographer, forgets to take pictures.

Until this year.

While it wasn’t many, I did manage to grab a few shots of the chaos that my living room sees on Christmas morning.

Joseph sat in his new kayak (with his life jacket on, of course…safety first) practicing how he is going to reel in that big fish.

The only rule Mom gave:  you can only use the kayak in the bathtub…it’s just too dangerous to take out in the ocean.

Joseph.  Really.  It’s time to get out of the kayak.

Shelby’s making sure those new boots fit!

Then…..drum roll please….

….when we get to Nana’s house for breakfast, Shelby had another pretty big surprise waiting for her.

Honey is one of Nana’s horses.  Shelby and Honey have literally grown up together.  Shelby was also the first person to ever ride Honey.

As a young colt, Honey never kicked or tried to buck Shelby off.   As a brand new colt, who’s never been riden before…that’s huge.

Shelby’s been riding her ever since.

As of Christmas Day, Nana officially turned over ownership of Honey to Shelby.

Shelby was speechless.

And I think, very, very excited.

I don’t think Honey minded it either.

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