Not long ago, my baby was babysitting for a young mom in the community.

It was so surreal to watch her…independently…care for this child.

As I watched her, my mind took me back to when she was a baby.

I remembered her first Halloween when we dressed her up as a Dalmatian puppy.

I remembered getting my first camera and making her pose with her big brother.

I remembered when she cut her own hair that resulted in an emergency trip to the beauty shop.

I remembered her waving goodbye to me on her first day of Kindergarten.

I remembered her making new friends.  Friends that would become her very best friends.  Hannah on the far right can be seen singing with Shelby at the school Christmas Program this year.

I remembered the day she had new braces put on her ever-so-crooked teeth.

I remembered how beautiful and grown-up she looked at her first Middle School Prom.

…and then at her Middle School Pageant with those same best friends.

I thought about her participation in the Church Youth Group and the leader she has become and the young woman she
is becoming.

I remembered the day she recently had those braces removed and how beautifully she smiled.

And now….

…when baby Elizabeth wouldn’t sleep any other way than Shelby rocking her, what did Shelby do?

She rocked.

And she sang.

And Baby Elizabeth slept.

And I cried.

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