During our run today, I contemplated on what I would blog about today…this first day of 2011.

As I ran and thought, it seemed that this particular post would need to be…well..awe-inspiring and rather memorable.  It would be the first post of 2011 ya know, so it would need to be somewhat colossal.

I knew I didn’t want to talk about resolutions or goals.  That just seems so cliche’.  I don’t particularly like to set resolutions because I think a resolution is nothing more than a notion that usually lasts only through the month of January (if we’re lucky), as well as resolutions have a tendency to set us up for failure.  Then when we have failure in our life, that leads to other issues and so on and so on.

On the other hand, I do like to set goals.  Goals are real.  Tangible.  Goals are real achievements.  You see something ahead of you and you figure out a way to get to it.

I’ve actually set my own goals earlier this year, so I knew I wouldn’t list them again here for this first post.

So what would my first post of the year be?

Funny thing is the more I ran today, the post itself evolved on its own, without any help from me.

As Clark ran ahead of me (as he normally does….I’m super slow), I yelled at him from behind, “hey, take my phone and take our picture.”

This was our attempt.

Clark, seriously?  Look at that expression on your face.

Your head is cut off.

Raise your arm up some.

Look at that expression.  Smile!

Your head is way cut off again.

Raise the camera higher and smile!


Forget running.  I had completely recovered at this point and still had about 1/2 mile to get home.

But as we made our way home, we laughed at each other and looked at the 30 or so pictures we had taken.

And that was memorable enough for me.

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