As of today, I’ve logged:

30 runs for a total of

20 hours 40 minutes and 51 seconds,

a total distance of 73.12 miles,

at an average page of 16:58 per mile,

and a total of 6,553 calories burned.

Nothing comparable to many I know, but if you would have told me six months ago that I’d be running 3 days a week at a distance of about 2 1/2 -3 miles with each run, I would have seriously called you crazy.

A year ago, I tried running up my driveway-a distance of about 100 yards- and nearly died while doing trying to do it.

For years, I’ve wanted to exercise on a regular basis.  And for years I tried, but always quit.  I wasn’t good at it and I didn’t like it.  And doing something I wasn’t good at just made it all the worse, so I’d stop.  Again.

I also fantasized about running, but really didn’t think I could ever do it.  But nonetheless, I continued to dream of it–it just seemed something really cool to do and I wanted to be apart of the cool club, too.  🙂

All of that changed one Sunday morning while trying to find something to wear to church.  I had tried on the last skirt in my closet that wouldn’t fit.  This particular skirt has little round circles all over it.  When I tried it on, those circles looked like ovals and it wouldn’t zip.

It was time to face the reality that this 40 something year old’s body was changing,  eh hem, growing and only I could change it.

Not only did I need to lose weight so that I would have something to wear again, but I wanted to be healthier, too.  I have actually been eating a healthy lifestyle for about 10 years now, but that was it.  I’m here to tell ya friends, Diet alone does not a healthy body make.

I ordered the Wii Fit,  started walking and using the LoseIt iPhone app.  I faithfully counted calories and did the Wii Fit on a daily basis and began to like it more and more.  I also didn’t want that Wii woman-ya know, the one that talks to you when you log in-fussing at me for not working out.

The first week of working out with the Wii and walking, I lost three pounds.  Really?  I was in a bit of disbelief and questioned the accuracy of the scales.

I pressed on and continued to work out daily and walking about two miles several times a week.

Two weeks later, I weighed in again with another 2 pound weight loss.

I actually believed it this time and was encouraged to do more.

After about four weeks of walking, Clark suggested we try to run.  “I don’t know if I can” I hesitated, “but I’ll try”.  I ran a full mile that day.  I was hooked.

Since starting, I’ve lost 10 pounds (my goal) and can honestly say that I love running and exercising now! I miss it when I don’t get the chance to do it.

I’m also sharing this with you because as cliche’ as it is, if I can do it, anybody can do it.

I want you to be encouraged.

I want you to try it.  Again.

And if you have a hard time with it and feel like giving up, I want you to try it again.

And again.

And again.

One of my favorite quotes from Runners World is “you win when you go-you lose when you don’t”.

It’s that simple.

And this Sunday, I’ll be wearing that skirt with the circles on it.

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