This week we ran a different route than we usually run.  We normally run along the dirt road where we live, but ventured out a bit more today to tackle the pavement.

We’ve talked about running a local 5K and thought it best to start running more on pavement to get accustomed to what we’ll actually run for the race.  My goal today was simply make it a full 3 miles without stopping.  Needless to say when I stopped at 3.2 miles, I was stoked!  I thought to myself, “I actually just ran my own personal 5K!”

It was such an endorphin-rush at that moment, I really felt like I could take on just about anything.  5K? A walk in the park!  Half-Marathon? Sure!  Let’s do it!  Full Marathon? Of course I can!  Sign me up!  Clark just laughed as he normally does, agreeing with whatever impulsive whim I throw at him.

But as I began to cool down and realize just how sore my muscles were, the thought that kept coming to mind was, “3.2 miles down, only 23 more to go.” Wuh?  Seriously?  Did I really mention the word “marathon” out loud?

No wonder Clark was still smiling.

My next thought?  “Maybe I should just stick with the 5K for now.”

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