New shoes!!!

Since becoming serious about my running, I had to break down and buy new running shoes.  You know dear hubby had to twist my arm.  “Shoes?” I said.  “Nah….I really don’t need another pair of shoes.”



I’m a genuine girly girl at heart and even if it’s a new pair of sneakers, I’m all about some new shoes!!

I did my research before buying and discovered that I need a neutral shoe….meaning my foot does not overpronate, so I didn’t really need a high arch supportive shoe for correction.

My main goal was cushioning, fit and comfort.

I decided to go with the Saucony Grid Raider.

The reasons I decided on this shoe:

*It is very lightweight, but still offers that cushion I was looking for.

*The price was right-less than $100.

*It is a neutral-fitting shoe with no extra arch support that tended to hurt abit more in the other shoes I tried.

*It fit my foot really well…some of the other shoes seemed big and bulky around my toes.

I actually tried them out today and ran 2 miles and they didn’t even feel like they needed breaking in.

I highly recommend you reading Runners World website.  It so full of information I’m continually finding new things to read everyday.  I’ll soon be dedicating an entire blog post to the site-it’s that good.

I also learned a lot about shoe shopping from this post on the Healthy Tipping Point blog.

Check it out!

Hope you’re having a good weekend!

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