Recently a friend and I had the privilege to attend a LifeWay sponsored womens conference.  I’ve had the opportunity to attend several and they have yet to let me down.  Each conference provides something new and fresh and honestly gives me exactly what I’m needing at the time.  It’s such a nice weekend getaway.

Here is a recap of what Deeper Still had to offer.

Kelly Minter took the stage first and spoke on bondage versus worship.  According to the dictionary, bondage is described as 1. the state of one who is bound as a slave or self, or 2. A state of subjection to a force, power, or influence. Whereas worship refers to the reverent love and devotion accorded a deity, an idol, or a sacred object, or the ceremonies, prayers or other religious forms by which love is expressed.

You see, when we are a bound to our own self…our own desires, rather than giving up our self to Christ and his desires for us, then we won’t fully be able to worship (or truly express love) to him as we should.

Kelly’s words were:  “Bondage is the exact opposite of worship…you must be free”.

Kay Arthur taught from the Book of Matthew (literally the entire Book of Matthew) about Examining Your Life. Her specific points were:

*Who is Christ and what is his call?  Do we really know Jesus?

*The Cost of the Cross.  Do we understand what it means to follow Jesus?

*The Gain or the Loss in our own Lives.  The rewards of following Christ.

*The Commission or the Call He Has on our Life.

A few of the notes I took:

“Jesus is not something to simply add to your life, it’s about making the necessary adjustments–Jesus is your life.”

“We don’t fear God, because we don’t know God.”

“You cannot out give God….God will settle all accounts.”

Priscilla Shirer spoke from the Book of 2 Kings 13:15 that “It’s not the amount of faith we have, but the kind of faith we have.”

“What power are we missing out on?” she asked us.  She told us that “God will put us in a position where what we have is not enough”.  It will be only then when we seek God and God’s power will become all we need.

Good stuff!!

Beth Moore completed the weekend study and also spoke from the Book of Matthew.  She talked about “Rediscovering the Lost Art of Treasure.”

She reminded us that “we are God’s treasure.”  And also that “God has treasures for us.”

A powerful comment she made was, “If we never learn to see the treasures then all we’re left with is the obvious; we’ll miss the most expensive treasure if we look past the hardship and pain.”

“When you feel like you’ve lost the treasure, look for Jesus.  Jesus holds all the puzzle pieces and has had them the whole time.”

While this is normally a womens conference, you can read here one man’s review and thoughts of being one of the only men in attendance.  It had me laughing out loud as he covers everything else that was talked about!  It’s hysterical!

Thanks to Travis Cottrell for leading in music and worship!

You can watch this video from the actual event we attended!

DeeperStill – Birmingham AL from Rich Kalonick on Vimeo.

For more information on how you can attend a LifeWay Conference, please visit the LifeWay website.  Grab one friend or lots of friends and schedule your weekend today!  You won’t regret it!

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