Question:  What are some of the items I cleaned out of my purse?

Along with seven tubes of lipstick.  I have a minor obsession.

Two spoons and a straw.

Snacks.  You never know when I’ll be stranded somewhere and need food.

A toothpick.  Cleanliness is next to godliness, ya know.

An extra pair of earrings.  This is essential.  You can read why here.

Uh….and Beano. Probably because of this.

Lots of receipts and empty wrappers.

As well as a remote control (I’m not sure why I have this), four pens, empty contact cases and other necessities like a headband, hairclips, a daily devotional by Priscilla Shirer, my wallet, a hairbrush, sunglasses case and another smaller bag that holds even more toiletry essentials.  🙂

And the bag that holds all of this?

My Vera Bradley Vera Tote.

I receive compliments on it almost every time I go out.

I’ve finally found the one.  I know you all know how hard it is to find the perfect purse.  Don’t even try to deny it.  So after much searching, I decided to go with a *bag* rather than a purse.

I LOVE this bag!  As you can see it holds everything!  And I had already removed another headband, my iPhone and ear buds, a bottle of water and a pair of gloves!

And the pockets!  Oh, how I love thee.

Pockets for neatly storing everything.

Yes, it’s a biggie that takes getting used to.

I’ve only knocked out a few people while shopping, but I’m getting better.

I think I’ll put a fork in there, too.

I could have a fork emergency one day and need one.

Happy Weekend!

What bag or purse do you carry and what do you have in it right now?

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