Do you ever wonder?


Why are you on Planet Earth?

As a believer in Christ, I do believe my primary, if not my sole purpose is to have a relationship with God the Father and Jesus his Son.

Secondly, I know I’m to be a wife to my husband and mom to my children.

But beyond that what the heck am I supposed to be doing?

Or is that all?

It’s hard trying to teach two teenagers to understand and take hold of their purpose,when it’s extremely difficult understanding my own at times.

I’m over 40 for crying out loud!  You’d think I’d have some of this figured out by now.

But does our purpose in life change?

If so, how often?  And when?  Depending on our age?  Our circumstances?

Have you figured yours out?

What are your thoughts?

Happy Wednesday.

And here’s a Just Because.

My girl is learning to crochet.

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