By the looks of my grocery bill, if I don’t start clipping coupons, I’ll have to take a second mortgage on the house or sell a kidney.

I seriously felt guilty after my last grocery bill because I think I caused the death of several trees when the cashier printed my receipt!

So I was so looking forward to getting this Sunday’s paper for the hundreds, if not thousands of dollars worth of coupons I knew would be available to me. Certain I could possibly buy a new car with my coupon savings this week, I was at the paper stand bright and early Sunday morning.

I eagerly thumbed through the front page, then the sports (Super Bowl, really? no, not as important as this), to find the coupon section. Okay here’s one page, but surely there’s another… abit of confusion I continued to search for more.

Are you kidding me?! Surely the other 51 Sunday papers have at least two, three or even four coupon sections. But, today only one?! The one Sunday I decide to clip coupons and there’s only two coupons that I can use!? I can’t save money to buy a car with that!!

So this morning, my search continues. So far, these are a few of the coupon sites I’ve googled:, and

I’m not giving up that easy Internet Friends, I can’t afford to lose a kidney just yet!

And I need a new car.

Do you clip coupons?  How do you do it?  Are you a total coupon nerd who everyone dreads getting in line with at the checkout?  Please!  Share with me how you do it, because I wanna be a coupon nerd, too!

Happy Monday!

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