After a hearty breakfast, I decided to go for a solo run this morning.  It’s the first time in several days that the Sun is actually shining and it’s not pouring rain out.

At 38 degrees combined with the warmth of the sunshine, I dressed appropriately (ie light layers and my toboggan) and headed out.  Because it’s been several days since I’ve ran I took it at a slower pace and ran the first 1.3 miles and walked/ran the remainder of the way.  I’m still overall happy with my 11:45 pace though as this seems to be where my average pace will stay…regardless of my method.

One thing that did slow me down though was the wind.  I seriously felt like I was running in a wind tunnel.  Picture yourself running against the wind in a hurricane and there you’ll also find me.  Pair that with the sting of the needles against my face and I simply surrendered to it and walked until I could get to where the trees could block it from me.  Call me a weeny, I can take it.  😉

I know I’ve heard many runners say that running helps clear their mind and helps them think better.  I’m not sure if this is the case with me.  Running does help me think, but actually clearing my head is a different story.  It seems when I’m out alone running or walking, my mind tends to run rampant with thoughts which is the actual opposite of  what I’d prefer it to do or rather have heard others say running does for them.

It seems my mind is so busy, I can’t slow it down to get it going in one direction.  Does that make sense?  It’s also like I’m running physically against the wind, but in my head as well.  I’m in sensory overload with all these thoughts and I’m not sure how to compartmentalize them into one productive vision.

Am I rambling?

I think I’m also guilty of over-thinking things.  Ya think?

If I am, then welcome to my world, because this is exactly what I experience when I’m out running!


Does running help “clear” your mind?  Is this when you’re most productive?

Or are you like me with a head full of rambling thoughts instead?

What do you do to improve it?  Do you listen to music?  Or do you prefer the silence?

What works best for you?

I’d love to know!

2 Comments on Running Against the Wind

  1. running definitely clears my mind and i sort through stuff while i’m on a run…actually i get ideas for most of my blog posts while running! other times i go out and just run…with nothing going through my head the whole time. today’s run was like this. i sort of know what i need to have happen on the run before i head out the door. it hasn’t always been this way though and i think you have to have been running for awhile before you get to the point where you can relax into it and wrap your run around what you need from it. as far as music goes – i rarely listen to it while running outside. on a treadmill it’s a necessity! ugh…wind. honestly i would prefer to run in rain over wind!

    • Thanks Tamara! I think I just need to relax more! Thinking of blog posts is a great idea, too. Thanks for your encouragement!

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