This is a fun, easy and healthy snack to quickly throw together (that also prevent you from grabbing something less healthy at the local convenient store).

I am a firm believer in keeping healthier snacks with you in your purse, car, etc.  When our choices are quick and convenient for us, it’s makes it alot easier to stay on track in making better choices.

Another great thing about his snack is your choices are unlimited…add or delete any ingredient you prefer.

Here I included almonds, walnuts, white and mild chocolate chips and Craisins.

Other options may include pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds and/or toasted,  pecans (or flavored-can you imagine a cinnamon flavored pecan added to the mix?–or chocolate covered almonds? or cashews? sorry, I had a moment there for a minute).

Totally make it to your liking!  🙂

This is also a great snack for the kiddos…easy for them to make with you and much better for them than the chips or cookies that may be in the backpack now.  😉

Keep a handful (or two) in a zipper bag and you’re set to go!


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