And we’re walking.

And walking.

Husband is still suffering in his neck and back a little and doesn’t want to risk hurting it even more so we’re still walking.  I keep reminding him that the name of this blog is the more i run, not the more i walk.

But in support of him, I’m walking right along side of him, still enjoying the conversation and the nice weather.

Because of our busy afternoon schedule this week, we walked about 6:30 in the morning–yes, I just said 6:30 in the morning. I’m really not a morning person, but was awake early and knew we wouldn’t be able to get out later in the afternoon, so I dragged him out of bed (almost literally) and got him out of the house with me.

It was so pleasant it may have to become a routine for us, especially when the weather really starts to heat up on into the day.

While it’s normally quiet anyway, it seemed especially quite this morning except for the birds that were already up and singing.  And the fog was so thick, my hair was drenched by the time we made it home.

Do you prefer to run in the morning or afternoon?

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