Since I’ve been running and working out, my left knee has started giving me some trouble….in other words, pain.  Augh.  I suppose it’s reminding me that it’s also 40-something and I need to treat it as such.  Poo.

So there began my reading and research on the cause of this pain.  I first went to Runner’s World (which is so choc full of info–I love this site) and followed the injury treatment guide for help.  This is such a useful tool in determining where you have pain and the possible cause of the pain.

I then started reading other running blogs for their advice and simply overall support on how other runners treat their injuries and pain.

From what I’ve read, it seems my pain is more than likely a common complaint amongst runners called Runner’s Knee, caused from a mistracking kneecap.

A key prevention is stretching and strengthening exercises, along with providing stability, compression and warmth to the area.

So, a couple of things.  I bought this knee sleeve and added an additional workout to my schedule.

I wore the knee sleeve for the first time this week and a downfall is that it felt like I had a 10 pound weight added to that leg!  I definitely struggled running as usual while wearing it and I’m hoping I will get used to it.  BUT, a major pro is that my knee didn’t hurt at all…not during or after my run, so I’m pretty excited about that!

This is after my run so don’t hate!  😉

And because I want to increase the strength of that knee, I worked out with Jillian this week, too.  She seriously kicked my butt!  I’m sore this morning, but I feel like I’ve been worked out and worked on!  🙂

Please note that I am not a doctor and am simply providing my own personal opinion!  Please seek professional assistance for any injury, injury prevention and/or pain you may be experiencing.  You can read my full Disclaimer on the side bar.

I’ll also soon be trying out KT Tape and Zumba Fitness; I’ll give you a full review of these, too!

Do you experience knee pain and what’s your favorite workout video?

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