I have so much to blog about and so little time to do it!  For now, here’s a few of the blog posts I’m currently working on.

*Hitting a Running Plateau

*I’ve signed up for my first official 5K.

*Organizing My Coupons (and an updated look at my stockpile)

*An ABC’S Facts Posts about Yours Truly

*My Zumba Fitness just arrived in the mail and I’ll be trying it out!

*I also ordered some KT Tape to use on my aching knee and I’ll let you know how that works.

*Foam Rolling 101 (it totally stretches out my tight muscles)

Stay with me, ’cause I can’t decide what I’ll be posting first!  😉

And if you’re needing some good reading material for now, don’t forget to check out my Photography 101 Course on the main photography website!

And just because posts are better with pictures, here’s one of my son and his girlfriend on the beach this weekend with that gorgeous Super Moon.

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