‘Tis the season of my life right now where we are a fly by the seat of our pants, winging-it kinda family with busy calendars that control our schedules.  Now I’m not complaining about it, because I know in just a few years when the house is empty and quiet, I’ll take a look at my boring, predictable life and wish for more chaos while trying to remember what a full, noisy house once sounded like.

But today, there was no schedule, no calendar to check and no place to be.  It was a first in a while when all four of us were home together.  At the same time.  And it was good.

Clark and I were up around 7… long before the kids were awake.

Breakfast # 1 on the back porch.

Followed by a nice morning run.

Mile 1:  11:33
Mile 2:  11:32
Mile 3:  11:47
Mile 4:  13:12 (run/walked/cool-down)

I had a iced coffee drink (left over morning coffee with vanilla soy milk and ice cubes) waiting for me in the fridge when we got home.

I sat and read the Saturday paper.

Then had Breakfast # 2.  An egg white and veggie burrito with apple and PB on the side.

And as I sat enjoying my breakfast, Shelby stormed into the kitchen declaring to her older brother, “Don’t say anything else about always getting my hair out of your shower, ’cause I’m tired of getting fish scales out of mine!”  And then she turned and walked out.

And I finished my breakfast.

Late morning dozing while watching a really bad movie.

Joseph worked on his Etch a Sketch skills.

While Shelby packed for the Youth Mission trip this week.

Fish for supper.  We seriously know how to eat fish!

Later in the evening we headed up to the church to get the kids stuff packed and ready for the mission trip.

And Shelby and I finished off our day with a late-night snack together.  Kashi cereal with added peaches, sliced almonds and vanilla soy milk. <3

Happy Weekend!

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