Since I’ve already put myself out there for you to see in total loser-style way back on my old blog, I might as well embarrass myself even more. I thought it would be fun to share a few ‘little-known’ facts about myself.

1.  I was born July 29.

2.  I graduated high school in 1987. So yes, I was a child of the 80’s. You know that song about Stretch Armstrong and parachute pants? Yeah, that’s me! I remember Atari and Pac-man, too!

Speaking of the 80’s, I had big hair! I mean really big hair! If you were a child of the 80’s you know you had big hair, too! Go ahead and admit it!

3.  I’m the oldest of 3 and the only girl. I have 2 brothers: Seth and Ed and each serve in the ministry.

4.  I’m lactose-intolerant. No dairy, no how. I haven’t had ice cream, cheese or milk or anything of the like in soooo long…but really, it makes me so sick, I don’t even miss it. I’ve just recently discovered Soy Milk and I love love love it!

5.  I sing. Now I’m not one of those whose been singing in church since she was 2, (although I used to sing “You Light Up My Life” to my Lief Garrett and Shaun Cassidy posters…using my hairbrush as my microphone of course), I sang my first solo in church during a Youth Cantata. I was so scared and nervous, I called our Youth Pastor only minutes before the concert was to start crying and begging him to find someone else to take my place.

Thank goodness he gave me those words of encouragement I needed and forced me onto that stage, because since then I’ve sang hundreds of times: in my own church, for other churches and events, funerals, lots of weddings, and even the National Anthem for a few of our local football games.

6.  A couple of my favorite movies are Forrest Gump and Dances with Wolves. I’ve lost count on how many times of seem them both. I don’t think I’ll ever get tired of seeing either of them!

7.  You may have read that I’m a cancer survivor, but I thought I’d go into a little more about it now. In 1999, I was diagnosed with colon cancer. My kids were 5 and 3 and let me tell ya, my world was rocked. Something a 29 year old young wife and mother would never expect to hear. I had surgery to remove the tumor and then had 6 months of chemotherapy finishing my last treatment the week before my 30th birthday. Now 12 years later, I’m hoping I can confidently believe that I’m healed. God did a tremendous work in my life, as well as others around me and for that I am grateful.  You can read even more about that here.

8.  I cried for 2 days when Warrick died on CSI. I’m tearful thinking about it; I still can’t believe he’s gone. A few of my fav TV shows: CSI without a doubt (except the NY one; not crazy about that one), NCIS, and a new fav is Criminal Minds. My all time favorite is The Closer. I so want to be Brenda Lee Johnson. You’d think that because I’m also a nurse I’d prefer those medical shows, but I don’t care for many of them–it’s the police drama, crime-solving, murder mysteries that I like best. : )

9.  I got married in 1991 and this year, Clark and I celebrated 20 years.

10.  I have a “bucket list” and I really hope to accomplish as many as I can while I can.

11.  I love to teach and speak and I don’t mind talking in front of large crowds. (I don’t have a shy bone in my body).  I was actually going to be an Elementary School Teacher and was going to Judson College–before I met Clark–two weeks before going off to college, I canceled those plans and made a last minute decision to go into nursing.

12.  I love to read, but don’t get to as often as I’d like.

13.  I love chocolate.

14.  I’m insanely organized but a terrible procrastinator.

15.  I like my house to be clean, but I hate laundry; it’s always piled up somewhere.

16. I drive too fast.

17.  I’m not a worry-er.  There’s just no point in it.

18.  I love shoes….especially black.  I have about 10 or so pairs of black shoes.

19.  I’m way too independent.

20.  I can shoot a gun.  And shoot it well.

21.  I love the ocean but don’t like to swim too much.

22.  Yellowstone National Park is my favorite place on Earth.  I want to work there one day.

23.  I was run over by our own car when I was about 5 years old.

24.  I’m just about legally blind…can’t count my own fingers without my glasses or contacts.

25.  I read magazines from back to front.

Here’s a picture from that Youth Cantata. (I was cheesy back then too with those crazy stickers!)

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