But I’m not complaining because my crunchy grass and the farmer’s fields desperately need the rain.

And figuratively.

Just this week, my 20 year old dryer went out….(with a house full of out of town company staying with me all week). But I really shouldn’t complain about that either, because after all….it is 20 years old (and I got a brand new shiny dryer to put in its place and the old one now sits on my carport).

And then, upon our return from our mini vacation, we came home to a really hot house and my air conditioner not working.  It was only 198 degrees inside (no really it wasn’t, but it felt like it).   And did I mention I have out of town company staying with us???

The A.C. repairman came, pulled out a big beetle bug that had gotten into the electrical unit of the system, I paid him $100 and we have cool air again.

And finally… this week we received a letter from our insurance company that our homeowners insurance will soon be cancelled unless we paint and repair the facings of the house and trim the shrubs.  Guess what we’ll be doing this week?

Until the next storm!  Happy Weekend!

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