Seriously, I’ve discovered that I say the word seriously way too many times in my blog posts!  I really sound like a goober, so I’ll try to come up with something abit more descriptive than the word seriously.

To be exact, I’ve used the word 12 times in recent posts.

I used it when I welcomed in the New Year and spoke of goal setting.

I used it when I talked about my discovery of Soy Milk and baking orange cranberry muffins.

I said the word “seriously” when I posted about running 3.2 miles for the first time without stopping.

In my post telling you about the 30 runs I had reached, I called you seriously crazy if you would have told me that one day I’d be running a distance of 3 miles!

I used it when I first asked you about Couponing.

And then again when I first showed you My Growing Stockpile.

I used it when I thought I had ran in a wind tunnel/hurricane/gale force winds.

I used it in both of my posts about my knee pain:  when I first started experiencing knee pain and then the last one about what I’m trying to do about it.

I used it when I recapped running my first 5K.

I also used it when I shared our lazy Saturday with you and how we seriously know how to eat fish!

And lastly, I used it just this week when I shared my love of Dannon Greek Yogurt.

So there you have it.  I promise I’ll seriously try to not use that word so much and start being less serious about everything.

Now seriously, I hope you have a seriously incredible week!


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