We ran a different route today for something different and abit more challenging than the flat ground we’ve only run.   And might I say it was a challenge indeed.  But worth it.  I love the burn in my legs and feeling like I’m really giving them a good workout.

And part of the fun for me is also stopping to take pictures along the way of the change in scenery.

The Husband’s new running shirt.  We sure didn’t have to worry about being seen by the traffic.  <3

Mom and Max dog went, too.

Another hill.  I walked this one.

Mom tells me she can remember my granddaddy and ‘Mr. Charlie’ having long afternoon talks on this front porch.

My briar scratches as a result of getting the above picture.

Here comes Mom and Max dog.  I ran this one.

And a reminder that pretty much anywhere we go in the country, we’ll meet a tractor on the road.  😉

Happy Weekend!

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