Here’s a quick FYI for ya!

I’ve learned that organizing my coupon binder alphabetically rather than by category works soooo much better for me and therefore saves me lots more time.

I file my coupons mostly by product name and I find that I can thumb right to what I’m looking for rather quickly.

For example, Secret Deodorant would be filed under “S” instead of “D” and Viva Paper Towels behind the “V” tab instead of “P” for Paper Towels or Paper Products.  Get it?  Easy enough?

One tricky product to watch for are the cereals.  For these I may file them under brand name instead of product name such as Kellogg’s or General Mills… or sometimes I may file them more specifically such as Cheerios or something similar.  Another tricky item are the cookies and crackers….I file Wheat Thins under “W” instead of “N” for Nabisco.

So keep in mind there are still no specific rules to follow, it’s what works for you and what you commonly know the product best as.  But play with this and see if it works for you.  I’m sure glad I did!

I also bought 4×6 photo sleeves for my larger coupons and rain checks and 8 1/2 x 11 larger sleeves for each store coupon policy.  I love having everything neat and easy to see so I won’t have to dig when I’m looking for something.


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