Pardon the pun, but today it was somewhat of a change of pace.  It was a cooler than usual day so I wanted to take advantage of it and run longer today.

I decided to listen to music!  I know!  Weird, ’cause I prefer the silence, but today I set my iPhone to the Eagles Live Track and hit play.

It was really different than what I’m used to and overall I enjoyed it.  I did pull the ear buds out at about mile three to take a break from it for a few minutes, but when I put them back in my ears, Life in the Fast Lane got me through the last mile.  🙂

Mile 1:  11:39
Mile 2:  11:41
Mile 3:  15:25 (I took a walk break for about 8 minutes)
Mile 4:  10:58

What’s your favorite music to listen to when you’re running?

Happy Hump Day!

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