You know, just in case you ever have a beaver dam.

We did.

We’ve removed those logs from our driveway culvert soooo many times and just like all the other times, the beavers will have another dam built in its place before the end of the week.

But with all the rain lately, the water couldn’t pass through causing potential damage to our road.

So what else were we as good parents/homeowners/dam busters to do?

Send our son into the culvert to clean it out and pull out all the logs.

Dad:  Son, take this pipe and crawl into the other end to pry this stuff up and out.

Son:  I’m gonna die.

Dad:  No you’re not.

Mom:  Dad, poke all that stuff first and check for snakes.

Son:  I’m gonna die.

Mom:  Are you sure you got all the snakes?

Son:  I’m gonna die.

Dad:  No you’re not.

Mom:  I promise we’ll save you.

Mom:  I hope I don’t get my camera wet.

Son:  This is about to get bad.

Mom:  Is the water going to get over his head?

Dad:  No.

Son:  I’m gonna die.

Dad:  Son!  I’ll jump in and save you if I have to!

This is the very slow trickle of water coming through the culvert before the dam is broken.

And here is my firstborn making his way into the culvert.

The girls waiting and watching for the water to come rushing through.

Son:  I’m about to die.

Mom:  Are you sure the water is not going to get over his head?

Dad:  Yes, I’m sure!

The water flow gets bigger.

And just like he said he would be, Dad is there to save him.

And the water flows again.

My boy, my hero, The Dam Buster.

And there you have it, my Internet friends, your very own how-to, DIY project.  Print it.  Save it.  ‘Cause you never know when you might have a beaver dam that needs bustin’, too.

3 Comments on DIY Project-Busting A Beaver Dam

  1. Way to go Joseph! You never know when all those skills will be needed in the future!

  2. Yeaaaaa son is ok!!!!! lol love your illustrations

    • Hahahah Thanks Laurie!

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