Blog post for TShirt Sale-done.  TShirts go on sale Monday!  I’m so excited!
Coupon Page for Facebook page-done–Facebook fans receive a 10% off discount on tshirt orders!
Grocery Shopping-done…augh….nothing much to say about that….
Make homemade granola and blog the recipe-done—can’t wait to post that!  I’ve eaten too much already today!
Tuesday’s blog post-done.  Yep!  Got that done too!
Run-done.  Well, if you want to call it that.  I finally stopped looking at my Garmin because I walked most of the 4 miles.  Dear Mr. Weather Man, can you please turn down the humidity?  K?  Thanks.

Now, I’m enjoying a glass of Iced Coffee.


Happy Weekend!

What did you have on your To Do list for today?

2 Comments on My To Do List for Today?

  1. Jenny Reeves says:

    How Much are the t-shirts and are they the same as the one you gave away.I want the receipe for the iced coffee I love it…Jenny

    • Hey Jenny! The tshirts will sell for $27 each and facebook fans will receive an additional 10% discount. All of that info will be posted Monday when they go on sale. And yes, one of the designs is just like the one from the giveaway. 🙂 I’ll soon be posting the iced coffee recipe, too….but just because you asked, I save my left over coffee in the fridge and add milk and sugar…you can add other deliciousness to it that you want. 🙂 More details to come. Thanks so much!!

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