1.  This real-life, reusable coffee filter. Ya know, I’ve had this pot for years and have always used the paper filters instead of the filter that came with it.  Until now.  I got fed up with always having coffee grounds in my cup of coffee and then finding the flimsy, paper filter folded over in a big ‘ole mess.

Hallelujah for the reusable filter.  I actually think my coffee tastes better and goodbye coffee grounds!

2.  Mini Silk Milks.  Is this not the cutest, most convenient thing you’ve ever seen?!  So handy!  So convenient!  And they don’t require refrigeration so that’s something else I can add to my Vera Bag.  😉

3.  The new season of “The Closer”.  I love love love this crime-fighting television series.  I wonder if I could work for the FBI one day.

4.  My new large capacity washer and dryer.  Each bought out of necessity.  Each quit working.  I mean I’ve only been using them for 20 years so I suppose it was time.  It was really weird trying to pick out something new….it’s been 20 years since I went shopping for appliances!  The large capacity has cut my laundry time in half.  <3

5.  My Homemade Granola.  Duh!  Couldn’t not include this on the list.  Can’t. Stop. Eating. It.

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