Have you ever done it?

Because of a crazy schedule this week and the husband and I both got home after dark tonight, he posed the question, “you wanna run tonight”?

‘In the dark” I asked right back.

“Why not?” he replied again, as the conversation went back and forth.

“Because we won’t be able to see the road” summing up my answer in a nut shell.

But as I sat, eating my late night cereal supper, I began to ponder the thought of it.  Really, why not?  Why didn’t I say ‘sure, let’s do it’.  Am I so set in a routine, I forget to think outside the box.  I wonder exactly what is outside that box?  Is it running at night?  Running in the rain? Or a whole lot more?

And as I sit writing this very post, I take those thoughts to an earlier conversation I had with a friend today.  What is it that we’re missing out on because we’re so structured, so set in our ways in this habit-filled routine called life?  What am I missing in life by staying so nestled and secure inside the comfort of the four walls of this box?  Or even more, is someone else missing something from us… from me… because I’m sitting here, inside this box otherwise known as my comfort zone?

So what does this mean exactly?  For me personally, it’s a simple nudge to look through the windows of that box more.  To slow down and look to see what’s out there.  To realize that it’s still okay to dream, to set goals and to go after them!

Twenty years from now, as I sit eating my late night cereal supper, will I still be just talking about stepping out, still wondering what’s on the outside, or will I be reminiscing, laughing at the memories I made because I took a chance and decided to do something about it.

Whether we like it or not, life is happening out there……and I don’t won’t miss out on another chance I get to go running in the dark.

And what could be more fitting than this picture of my mom at her college graduation…..last year.  😉

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