But Your Honor,

It’s just coffee.

I always make a little extra coffee in the morning so I can pour up the leftover to save for later.  While it’s still warm, I add sugar (I use Truvia-it’s made from natural stevia and has zero calories) to the hot liquid so it will melt better.

Exhibit A

And then when I come in from running and look like this.

Or this.

I fill my glass about 1/2 full of the leftover coffee. You can add as much or as little as you prefer depending on how strong you want it to taste.

Exhibit B

Top off your drink with the milk beverage of your choice.  I prefer vanilla soy milk, but you can also add whole milk, skim milk or gasp, half ‘n half.  🙂

Exhibit C

And if you’re feeling extremely dangerous, lookie here at what I’m about to do.

“Nooooo” the crowd screams.

But I did.

Add a teaspoon of Caramel Flavoring.

Exhibit D

Never mind, Your Honor.

I’m guilty.

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