Are you as hot as I am?







This is so weird for me because I’ve always been a cold-nature’d person.

I.  Am.  Always.  Cold.

Until now.

It seems that every ounce of my body is on fire and is always, always hot to the touch.

I can’t get cool enough.

Clark laughs at me when I’m constantly asking “are you not hot”  or “is it hot in here to you”?
To which he normally replies, “no, I’m comfortable.”

Augh!!!  Men!!!!

And especially since having to trim the bushes around our house, the temperature in my kitchen has to be nearing 420 degrees and that’s with me sitting in the dark!  I keep all the lights out trying to conserve energy and keep it as cool as I can.  And on top of all that, my AC is running non stop so there’s no telling what my electricity bill will be this month.

And honestly, I don’t care if it’s a kazillion dollars, I’d pay it right now to stay cool!

I’m telling ya, don’t get in the way of a woman who is hot and especially hormonal and hot.  She would do just about anything to cool off and if only for a few minutes to stop feeling as if she is roasting alive.

I hung this on my windows today.

After two boxes of foil and I ran out, I used this instead.

Clark is not home from work yet to see it.

I dare him to say anything about it.

I’m sure he won’t though.

He’s knows what it’s like to live with a hot and hormonal woman.

He’ll probably offer to go buy more aluminum foil.

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