I wanted to snooze the 7:00 a.m. alarm this morning, but said to myself, ‘nope, get up or you’ll regret it if you don’t’.

I’m so glad I did!!

I had my sites set on a long run this morning and was determined to settle in to a comfortable slower pace.

Breakfast was the usual peanut butter and apple toast, but this morning was on a whole grain waffle instead of wheat toast.  Super yummy.  But I could probably spread PB on a shoe and it would still be good!

The infamous self-portrait # 1, pre-run.

My pace stayed fairly slow for the entire run and I really felt good.

Mile 1:  12:10
Mile 2:  11:59
Mile 3:  12:19
Mile 4:  12:08
Mile 5:  walked and took a water break
Mile 6:  12:04


I’m so excited I’m doing the happy dance!

The infamous self portrait # 2.  Post-run.

Zack congratulated me.

Now for an iced coffee and and my comfy slippers.

I’m happy and my feet are happy.

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