Since I’ve been trying to run longer, it’s also time that I’m also going to have to ‘re-fuel’ mid run.

We went to the sporting goods store this week and I was like a kid at Christmas trying to decide what I would use for those mid run energy boosts.

I’ve read what other runners use so that gave me something to start with, but I had no idea which one to choose for myself or which one I would like.

Well you know I didn’t want to make the wrong decision, so I did what any smart woman would do.  I bought one of every kind.  🙂

Now I’ve just go to go running so I can try one out!

Do you have a favorite?

2 Comments on Mid Run Energy Boosts

  1. Leanne Gibson says:

    GU Espresso love was my favorite last year. This year it’s GU Vanilla. I also like Banana flavored Hammer Gel, but they don’t have caffeine 🙁

    • I didn’t see the Espresso or I definitely would have tried that one. I picked up the vanilla and put it back; I knew I should have grabbed that one, too. 🙂

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