Don’t panic.  You’re not crazy.  I know today is not Thursday.

I’m not crazy either.  Well, maybe a little.

But I like the way Thursday Thoughts sounds better than Tuesday Thoughts.

Tuesday just doesn’t sound right.  Okay?  All agreed?  Then Thursday it is.

I thought I’d share with you some of the random thoughts that… eh, hem… ran through my head today while I was running.

I wonder where Hank is?

Why am I getting a side stitch so early in my run?

Annie Bell pees like every 5 minutes.

I wish I would have told Clark only 2 miles today.

I guess I forgot how hot running through this cotton is.

Crap, my leg itches and I don’t want to stop and scratch it.

Ah, a cool spot.

Clark is pretty far ahead of me.

Dang, I guess I’ll stop and scratch.

I wonder when we can run another 5k?  Maybe a 10k.

Little barking dogs get on my nerves.

Annie Bell is peeing again.

Really?  This is a dirt road.  Do you have to drive that fast past me?

Another side stitch.

I need to burp.


I guess I’ll walk a few minutes.

I’ve got to get to bed earlier tonight.

I need to blog about my upper body workout.

Found Hank; he’s got a girlfriend.

Gonna run faster now.

And with that, everything went blank as I focused on breathing and making it home. 😉

Today’s run did go better than usual, three miles and I am pleased.  With the exception of the couple of side stitches, my endurance seems to really be improving.  I also drank this Gatorade PreGame Fuel about 15 minutes pre run.

And then had beef stew with rice and rutabaga’s for supper.  I wish you could scratch and taste, ’cause this was super delisch.

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