Today was a most unusual day.

I never dreamed I’d have to see the doctor for this.


I’ve seen the commercials.

But who ever thought that was a real problem.

Insert loud wailing noises.

Until now.


My eyelashes are falling out.

But only in one eye.

I know.  I’m special like that.

Is this something that happens to 40-somethings?

So I went to the eye doctor-an Oculoplastic something or another-they specialize in eyelid….stuff…I guess.

And then I took pictures of myself in the mirror while I waited.

The doctor came in, couldn’t find anything medically wrong with my eyes and gave me this.  Let me rephrase-gave me this to purchase.

But I did purchase it.

‘Cause I can’t be having eyelids without eyelashes attached to ’em.

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