What started out as a run resulted in more of a nice walk instead.

I did run the first mile, but eventually just gave up.  I could tell that my blood sugar dropped and I simply didn’t have the energy to keep going.

1.  I should have eaten an energy shot or drink before I ran and I didn’t.
2.  I should have taken an energy shot with me during the run and I didn’t.

My rationale was I was only going for a quick 3 miles and didn’t think I would need anything.  Wrong.  I won’t make that mistake again!

Now.  Having said that, not all running days are going to be necessarily good running days, so there’s no need to pout about it.   Just simply go with it and the make the most of it!

This could have had something to do with my running struggle today.

Today was a fun day to try out my new Spibelt.  It’s so small and compact, but perfect for holding my phone and and energy shot for my next run!  😉

Isn’t that the cutest thing ever!  Look how tiny it looks without anything in it.

But my iPhone fit perfectly inside it’s stretchy-neoprene pocket.

It’s rests very close to the body and I couldn’t even tell I was wearing anything. 

So during today’s run walk, I enjoyed having my phone again and whipped it in and out quicker than you can pour syrup on a hot buttered bisquit!

Beware of killer dogs along the way.

Clark doubles back to meet up with me as he normally does.

The Tunnel of Misery didn’t seem quite as unbearable today.

Coming home to an Iced Coffee Protein Shake was a serious motivation….  <3

….and salad for dinner made with spinach, baked chicken breast and broiled asparagus.

I took care of two salads at a time and made another one for lunch tomorrow!

Maybe not a bad evening run {walk} after all!

How do you handle off-running days?  What do you do about it?

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