I know I briefly touched on this subject when I was rambling a few weeks ago, but I thought it time to tell you more about it now!

Clark and I are going on a CRUISE!

Let me share a few words about how I feel about this:  happy, ecstatic, jubilant, gleeful, enthusiastic, fried, pumped up, nervous, thrilled and impatiently waiting for our departure date to get here!

We’ve talked about it for at least a year {or longer} and have never followed through with it….in other words, life happens.

BUT… since we survived celebrated 20 years of marriage this year, we’re not putting it off any longer and we’re making it a priority!

I told Clark my only expectations for the week-long trip is to 1. relax and 2.  take pictures for my blog.  🙂

Oh Happy Sailing!

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