Winner announced. Thanks to Erin and Eleanor for entering! I’m sending a SlipNot Headband to each of you. 🙂

Email me your address and I’ll get those to you!

Thanks again!

A few weeks back I went searching for a headband that I could wear while running.

A few criteria:

*it wouldn’t move on my head-the top priority
*comfortable (while not moving)
*reasonably priced
*cute & stylish-also a priority!

My search took me to Etsy:  an online storefront for all things handmade, vintage and craft-sie….things that I am not…except for the vintage part…but that’s another post.

I had never looked at Etsy much before this, but I simply entered the keyword headband and went from there.

Several ‘headband’ storefronts resulted and I just started clicking.  I narrowed my search to a handful and then narrowed it again until I chose SlipNot Headware for my headband order.

Why did I choose Leanne at SlipNot Headware??

Several reasons:

*her headbands seemed to fit the criteria–I mean really, look at the name of her business:  SlipNot Headware–seems like a no brainer, doesn’t it!
*her headbands are priced right
*and they are super cute with lots of choices in colors and sizes

Also, one of the main reasons I wanted to buy from Leanne is that I noticed that she had just opened her store in July of this year.  I totally know how it feels to be a newbie.  I not only remember how it felt when I first started out as a wedding photographer, but also more recently as a rookie personal blogger.

I ordered my headbands, received an email right away from Leanne about shipping my order and then received it in the mail in only a few short days!

I <3 excellent customer service and I heart these headbands!

I’ve worn them several times, I’ve washed them {by hand}, they are extremely comfortable and they do not slide on my head!  True Love!

These headbands are not just for running, either!  She has headbands for infants and toddlers, and team sports, too!

And the good news is I’m giving one away!!

You have several ways to enter and win!  Each comment is an entry and a chance to win!

All you have to do to enter is leave a separate comment on this post for each of the following things you do:

*Subscribe to The More I Run (required)
*Go to the SlipNot Headware Store and let me know your favorite headband
*“Like” SlipNot Headware on Facebook
*“Like The More I Run on Facebook

That’s it!!

Commenting is open to 18 y.o U.S. residents and will remain open until Tuesday, August 30 at 8:00 p.m.

Now make me proud and show Leanne at SlipNot Headware some love and Happy Commenting!

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  1. Hello! Once again I comment in the wrong spot. Love the blog and I love the pink slipnot!!

  2. i liked slip not on facebook

  3. i like the more i run on facebook!

  4. i LOVE the 2 pink floral headbands on their site 🙂

    • Hey Erin, you’re odds are pretty good of winning right now! hahaha

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