I know I’ve been AWOL for a few days this week, but I’ve been preoccupied with other thoughts and decisions so I honestly had to step away from the blog to regroup and get my thoughts together.

But all is well again and here’s what’s been going in my house so far this week.

It seems I can’t get enough of PB & J sandwiches here lately.  I’ve been eating them as snacks and even for breakfast!

We intended on running Monday evening, but our Monday became our Sunday and we rested…and Clark napped.  Sometimes you just gotta do what you just gotta do.

And Zack did what he…. well….what Zack does best….  I love my big ‘ole {11yo} kitty.

We did run on Tuesday and with the sun behind me, I watched my own form in my shadow to see what I looked like while I was running.  Flopping Fish would pretty well describe it, so I tried to pay attention to my foot placement and relax my arms at my hips better.

And then this happened when I turned and ran back in the opposite direction.  Hello 99 degrees sun in my face!

And this is what happens when idiots drive too fast past us on the dirt road without any consideration of the dust storm they leave behind them!

See if you can find Waldo Clark in the midst of this dust hurricane!

We gave up and decided to finish our run through the woods.

I also have ridiculously exciting news to share with you, but that won’t be announced until the weekend.  It’s something my family has hoped and prayed for for 10 years and it’s finally happened!

And if you missed out on my last giveaway, I have another super fun giveaway coming up in about two weeks.  I’m Plum tickled about this giveaway and can’t wait to tell you!  No, it’s not a trip to Barcelona or the Mediterranean or anything like that, but I know you will be Twirly with excitement!  I’ve talked about this product several times in my posts and I’ve also mentioned somewhere on this blog that “I have several”.

If you are the first person to correctly guess what this next giveaway product is you will also receive one of the special products as a gift from me, too!

You must comment your guess on this blog post, giveaway shipping is to the US only and commenting will remain open until I receive the first correct guess (comment).

I snazzed up my PB & J today and had it on a waffle instead along with a protein shake on the side.

Happy Hump Day!  What have you done so far this week?

5 Comments on So Far This Week

  1. You have several Vera Bradley bags and you keep all sorts of things in them!

  2. Yay Alyson! Yes, the next giveaway will be a Vera Bradley. I’ll also have a Vera surprise for you, too. :). Thanks for reading!

  3. Mendy Boldin says:

    I work with you 3 days a week, and I read your post,and I don’t have a clue what to guess. Maybe 3 watches because your running watch is cool. No, maybe it is 3 the more I run T shirts…I do pay attention…It’s my memory that has been lacking…lol

  4. Dang! Late again…I’m going to need to start putting this as part of my morning routine! 😉

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