It hasn’t even been 24 hours!  Couldn’t my knee pain have held off just a few more days since having my last good run!

I noticed nearing the end of yesterday’s run that behind my right knee was starting to hurt.  That’s weird.  My right knee has never hurt.  It was even sore on into today moreso when I walked.  Dang.  What’s up with that?  I stretched like I was supposed to.  Oh well.

I ignored it.

But during today’s run, it reminded me.  What in the world!  Why is my right knee hurting.  It’s my left knee that I wear the compression sleeve on.  But as we started up the drive, I told Clark to hold up a minute and I took the sleeve off my left knee and put it on my right knee.

Clark asked me if I was confused.

At about halfway through our short two miles, behind my right knee was really hurting and aching, almost as if the pain was radiating down my leg to my foot and worsening with each step.  The sleeve felt tighter so I slid it down, but I’m not sure if that helped or made it worse.

I tried groaning aloud, but that didn’t help either and Clark was too far ahead of me to hear me anyway.

It did improve as I slowed down and walked, but it returned as I started to run again.


Am I just too old for this?  No, I can’t be too old.  There are ALOT of people who run who are much older than me.  Did I start running too late in life?  Did I overdo it yesterday, when I felt so good?

So right now I have both legs elevated with Edamame on one knee and butter beans on the other. I guess we’ll see what tomorrow brings.

I’m so frustrated.  Why can’t this be easy?

I suppose if it was, then everybody would be doing it and the reward would be futile.

2 Comments on Dang Knee Pain

  1. hello sweet lady! how can i get one of those t shirts? the one you gave away on your b day. dont get on twitter that much no more (monke218) so im sending this message. looks like all is going well for u. still love reading n following you. im 45 empty nest of 5 daughters booo hooo……
    i wish i could still run, would love to just tough it out but 5 shots of all natural gel in each knee. they were great at first but now the right one is acting up. ive ran all my life..miss it dearly 2 of my daughters werwe my running partners.
    hope this finds you doing better n sending positive energy your way for a speeding recovery….

    Laurie Bemis

    • Hi Laurie,
      I was just wondering about you this week! Knew I hadn’t heard from you lately. 🙂 To order a TShirt click on the Welcome! tab on the top menu to the drop down menu and you’ll see the link. I’ll be facing the empty nest myself sooner than later, so I’m trying to prepare myself now! Good to hear from you.

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