I often buy flank or sirloin steak as a freezer staple to have on hand for quick and easy meals.  Either of these two meat choices are inexpensive and are so easy to use in a variety of recipes.

Once you season the meat to your preference, slice it up into thin slices and cook it on a med-med/high burner, you have lots of choices on how to use it.

You can even store it in the fridge to pull out for a quick dinner on that busy, late day at the office and use for sandwiches, burritos, fajitas or salad toppings to name a few.

Today, I have sirloin tip steaks for Steak Sandwiches.

I like to keep my seasoning simple:  salt and peppa with just a little bit of Essence.  I also added sliced green peppers, sweet onions and mushrooms to the cooking pan and a touch of water to make a nice au jus–a fancy word for gravy.  😉

Serve on a butter-toasted hoagie bun with swiss cheese and shredded american cheese and add your favorite condiments….my family can practically drink Ranch Dressing directly from the bottle, so secretly add a little on this bad boy sandwich and you just earned the Super Mom of the Year Award!

But don’t get used to it, ’cause it won’t last.

Peace out!

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