Because the hubby’s legs were still abit achy, we decided to go for a walk instead of running.  The walking would also be good in moving the lactic acid from the muscles, therefore decreasing that achiness.

It would be hazardous to one’s health to go out at dusk without bug spray.

We took a different route and walked through the woods instead of the dusty road.

This is the backside of the cotton field.

Deer tracks.

As we were walking around the small pond (other than the larger lake) close to our house we noticed an alligator swimming around in there.  I wanted to try to get a picture for you, so we had the dogs stay behind as to not scare it away.

Annie Bell, being a typical woman, had her own plans and didn’t want to stay behind.  From the above picture to the below picture, I went back to her four times to make her stay.  😉  If you’ll notice, Hank has surrendered and has laid down!

The alligator surfaced again so I snapped the best picture I could with my phone.

do you think this is the look of guilt?

But I still love you, Annie Bell.

You don’t have to be a runner to be healthy.  Just get out, enjoy the fresh air and sunshine and walk!

Happy Walking!

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