Other than the typical perils of running, this is also something we have to watch for when we are running or walking.

Luckily Hank alerted us to this fellow this afternoon as we headed out.  Hank was in a full run when he suddenly slid put on brakes and started barking.

This is a Copperhead Snake.

Then we came upon Snake # 2, a harmless Garter Snake upon our return home.

When It’s Good It’s Good

It so crazy how you never know what each running day will bring.  Yesterday officially began our Marathon Training and it was total bomb for me.  It should have been an easy three mile run, but it was almost as if I’ve never run before!  I could barely run the first mile then walked off and on for most of the way.

It was hot again (above 90) and we ran at 4:00 in the afternoon and in that short amount of time I was stopping for a water break.  Augh.

But today!  Today was so much better!  It was cooler and alot later in the evening (around 6:30 or so) when we started.  It was such a good run.

I started out looking at my Garmin and watching my time, but decided the heck with that, because I didn’t want to get overly anxious of running too fast (which would quickly wear me out) or running too slow (which is slower than a racing turtle).  I didn’t look at it after the first five minutes or so and just ran at a pace that was comfortable for me so I could enjoy it.

I ran the entire way and even gained speed as I ran.  Now I know I can’t hold this pace for a much longer distance, but today it was good.

Total distance today:  3.2 miles
Total Time:  34:50
Average Pace:  10:53

Only 23 more miles to go.  😉

Happy Hump Day!

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  1. Running Waist Pack says:

    Yikes! Good reminder. I live in the west, and we have rattlesnakes, but I am usually not thinking to watch out for them. Good luck with your goals!

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