Why hello there Fall!  You are a pleasant surprise to wake up to this morning.  Please tell me you’re going to stay longer this time, instead of only a short, quick visit.

Perfect running weather!  <3

Pre run breakfast:  a thin, wheat bagel with PB and a yogurt.

Lots of stretching before heading out, especially morning runs when my body is really stiff.  This exercise ball is the bomb-diggity.

GU Chomps.  Check.

Today is a 7 miler and I wanted water to take along, BUT I don’t like carrying a sloshing water bottle the whole time in my hand.  Solution?  A little, bitty apple juice hiding away in my fridge thanks to my ‘lil punks who were here last weekend.

Perfect size.

Clark tells me how cheesy I am.

Okay?  And the point?

I’m also sporting a new, wide headband from SlipNotHeadware.  Love these headbands!

I actually did pretty well until mile 6 and my right knee starts hurting so badly, it physically prevented me from running.  No worries though, ’cause what do I do about it?  Stop, tweet, and take a picture of course.  😉

Post run lunch:  Taco Soup with lots of carbs, protein and beans.

Beans make everything better.

I love beans.

But my family doesn’t like me to eat beans for some reason??

Don’t tell ’em I ate two bowls.


Happy Saturday!

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