While I do like Monday’s, I also like Tuesdays.

I like Tuesdays because once Tuesday is over, Wednesday is next and then the rest of the week seems to fly by.

I know.  I’m kooky like that.

Tuesday also starts my running week.  In following our Marathon Training Schedule, running days are Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday with XT (aka cross training) days on Monday and Friday.  Me likes this plan.

Let me recap how it’s been going so far:

Week 1 (although I didn’t officially announce our plan to run a marathon until week 2, we did begin training the week before).
Week number 1 actually went pretty well (other than some random knee pain).  We covered 13 miles at 4, 2, 3 and 4 miles.  Both of the 4-milers went better than I expected and I completed Saturday’s 4 a full one minute faster than Tuesday’s 4 miles.

I wonder if I could actually run faster than I give myself credit for, but I’m paranoid that I’m going to start out too fast or even stay at a faster pace too long and then give out and not be able to finish.  Augh.  I need to work on this.

Week 1 Tuesday
Week 1 Wednesday

Week 2 also went well other than a couple hazards of the road and worsening of that knee pain.

Total Miles: 16 miles.

Week 2 Wednesday
Week 2 Thursday-My Boo went along with us today=super fun.
Week 2 Saturday-Could have been better.  I felt good.  My legs felt good.  My lungs felt good.  My right knee did not feel good.  It was worse today than ever, but no fear, I’m all about working out a fix to the problem so we’ll see….. I’m trying to stay positive otay?

I’m anxious to see what this week brings!

How’s your Tuesday morning going for ya?

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